Advertising Agency


Any organization, big or small, needs to make its presence known in the industry and among its target audience. Advertising helps organizations connect with the customers, announcing their product, product capabilities, their goals and achievements to further their business. Playing and bordering on exaggeration sometimes, advertisements have helped small and medium companies expand into business empires. Turning the clock backwards, when competition was non-existent or minimal at best, organizations could make do with internal small-staffed ad development teams. Same cannot be said about today. With changing preferences and increased competition it has become essential for companies to paint a unique picture even if their products are run-of-the-mill. Ad agencies came into existence to cater to this need.

Ad Agency – Basics

Any agency or service, independent of the company in question, which caters to the marketing, advertising, promotional and sometimes branding needs of a client company, is termed an advertising agency. From print, radio and television to digital and other campaigns, ad agencies can utilize an array of techniques to market and promote the client’s products. Ad agencies are not restricted to promoting a client’s products alone, contemporary requirements dictate their services to be utilized for branding, PR, and a host of other needs.

Large MNCs and conglomerates to small and medium companies and non-profits, across domains and product / service lines, ad agencies cater to a wide variety of organizations. The agencies themselves can be local to a specific area or global catering to companies across the world.

Back story

The first ever company recognized as an independent ad agency was William Taylor in 1786 followed by White Bull Holmes. What followed was a slow boom resulting in the launch of James Walter Thompson in 1877, who is considered the ‘Father of modern magazine advertizing’.


From specialized agencies for specific medium, types or audience etc, creative agencies based on branding and design, digital marketing and social media ad agencies catering to online and social media advertising to SEO agencies, there are umpteen categories to choose from. Every agency is equipped with a research, creative, design & production, account & media management and more such sections.

Be it in-house or external, ad agencies occupy a vital place in the growth and sustenance of an organization. With competition reaching a new high every day, their significance in only set to increase.